Memories of El Monte Public Art Fountain, 2018
Quodlibets and Ha-Has, 1999
Porcelain, plastic, fluorescent light, cardboard

35" tall


 SYLLABICATION: quod·li·bet

1a. A theological or philosophical issue presented for formal argument or disputation.
b. Formal disputation of such an issue. 2. Music A usually humorous medley.

Middle English, from Medieval Latin quodlibetum, from Latin quod libet, anything at all : quod, what; see kwo- in Appendix I + libet, it pleases, third person sing. present tense of libre, to be pleasing.

As reported by the Oxford English Dictionary, according to French etymologists, derives from the exclamation of surprise one has upon encountering a sunk fence. Landowners often hid Ha-Has in their forests, to catch the unsuspecting poacher.
(interior view, looking down into tube)