...and now is the time for dreaming
Vellum paper, staples, neodymium magnets, galvanized wire

Site specific installation at
Vincent Price Art Musem,
East Los Angeles College,
Los Angeles, CA

a result of an Artist in Residence at the College

September 2008 to June 2009

overall:108" x 328" x 20"
left element:108" x 84" x 16"
right element: 108" x 160" x 20

From Karen Rapp, director and head curator of Vincent Price Art Museum:

Rebecca Niederlander created her project for the site-specific INSIDE OUT series. This series seeks to make a connection between the Vincent Price Art Museum and passersby by utilizing the windows of the Large Gallery as a space for artwork.

Niederlander's artwork is comprised of many elements –most are materials that can be found in any office supply store including staples, wire and paper. Her meticulous process includes many hours of folding, stapling and assembling these mundane materials; because her methods are time-consuming, the artist often works with others who assist her in the many steps involved. The laborious nature of her artwork echoes the artist's own interest in effort. Indeed Niederlander is quick to point out how our lives are comprised of countless efforts; the starts and stops that constitute endless cycles of hard work. Her artwork thus pays tribute to life's cumulative labors.

There is no place where hard work is more highly valued than on a college campus. In creating the artwork and now is the time for dreaming... Niederlander directly references the environment where this museum is located. A college campus is the site of learning, of accumulating knowledge, of dreaming about the future. And just as Irish poet W. B. Yeats wrote, "in dreams begin responsibilities," our journeys begin here, comprised of hard work and the promise for fulfilled dreams.