Deep End, 2004
plastic, LED lighting, motors, aluminum, cable

40 x 53 x 22 inches

In Deep End I was inspired by attending an artist's residency in the Netherlands, and that country's eternal connection with water and its containment; one forever requiring new technologies to keep the tides at bay. The Dutch dams, constructions in the real world, mimic those constructions we all make mentally to order our own turbulent existences.

The better part of two full seasons was spent meticulously composing a large blue water lake-form from glued-together plastic container bowls. Deep End, however, has no dams or shores to restrain it. It hovers, ungrounded, suspended from cables, in a darkened environment illuminated from within by blue LED lighting that invite views into a liquid world. Within this irregular construction is an ambient sound that might be of being near water.