A Snowball's Chance, 2016
colored paper, duct tape, matboard, scissors
338 inches x 150 inches

Site-specific installation commissioned by and installed at the Bedford Gallery at the Lesher Art Center's Cut Up/Cut Out exhibition, in Walnut Creek, CA

A Snowball’s Chance is an ever-growing exploration of the intersections, networks, mergers, and bonds of humanity. In the sculpture, there is no beginning nor end, only the ever breathing and shifting of thousands of hand-cut matboard pieces, coalesced into a fused convolution of correspondence.

To add your voice to A Snowball’s Chance, simply use the provided scissors and begin to cut shapes into one of the folded colored sheets of paper, cutting away as much of the paper as you can without fully cutting off the places where the paper folds. Then open up the folded paper to discover a result as unique as each snowflake, each human who makes it, and each connection we make with each other. To finish, take your kirigami object and climb the round staircase to your left. Drop the work into the wild field of color below that might be tinted cells in a microscope or all the galaxies we have yet to investigate.

View from one level up the staircase

As a work specifically designed to be intergenerational, to facilitate interactions, and to create dialog between visitors, the plinth with folded paper includes the following text:

Children should be supervised while using scissors.

Things to think about:

Keep the paper folded while you cut it.

What do you notice about the pieces of paper that you have cut away? How are these pieces part of the larger artwork?

How much of the paper can you cut away? Challenge yourself to take away a bit more!

Is each decision to cut like any other decisions you have had to make? Is it easy or hard to take a chance?

When you go to drop the kirigami work from the steps, will it drop slowly, or fast? Will it drop exactly to the floor from where you let go, or will it move? Would it make a difference if you blow on it?

View from numerous levels up the staircase