ResoNation, 2019
Wood, steel, wire

10 feet tall, dimensions otherwise variable

temporary site-specific installation at private residence in Los Angeles, CA for the Terrain Biennial

ResoNation is a multi-element overarching work that acts as a sound wave, a reverberation, a ripple on the water of action and reaction. Traveling from left to right across the front of a home, the arcs of wood catch light and energy to transport it to the viewer. All of Niederlander’s works are ultimately about the processes of labor, how it gets defined, categorized, and monetized. How can we, as a creative class, ever own our exponential labor and address the need for fiscal solvency without perpetually participating in capitalism? With all the wood sourced from the scraps of woodworkers obtained after conversations with about their experiences with spirituality in their life, there is always that primal sound connection between us.