I'd Like to Thank the Little People, 2003-2015
paper, polycarbonate
55 x 12 x 12

In I'd Like to Thank the Little People, Niederlander has collected twelve years of the cut-out bits of paper from years of site specific paper works. The work begins at the bottom with And then the snow made sense, works its way upwards through Mum, Don't Really Dance Much, The Agency of Community Redevelopment Explores the Bottom of the Well in search of Something Nutritious, The Devil's Workshop, Meteorological Lessons for the Accumulation and Dissemination of Unpredictable Weather Patterns, and ends with Well, then, Can I walk beside You?. The piece intends to demonstrate the community-building and archeological aspects of Niederlander's full body of work with one simple gesture: Individually each is a seemingly useless piece of scrap paper, usually tossed away; but collected it becomes the micro and macro of all existance from atomic to gallactic.

I'd Like to Thank the Little People, installed at Paperworks at the Craft and Folk Museum, Los Angeles, CA