As an artist who has always considered the individual and their place in the community through the use of sensorial experiences that involve the viewer, Niederlander began to specifically explore the aural soundscapes of the contemporary world she lives in around the #metoo movement and how innovative ways to use the creative process in a community engagement fashion might further facilitate a better understanding of the power structures we all live in. The List is a project of this ongoing research.

The List is over 240 songs sung by females that narrate fury and frustration from many perspectives. The List offers the female voice as a positive, strong, and confident navigator of broad spectrum emotion, but most specifically emotions often considered taboo for females such as anger. Niederlander chose Youtube as the original venue for the List because it is the one place everyone can access without a subscription, and because the videos are a key component to understanding the way humans process music. Live performances were often specifically chosen over “official music videos” because the official videos tend to sexualize a song in ways that are unnecessary. As well, the live performances often showcase a stronger, more honest read to the song. The List also makes an effort to encompass as many different music genres as possible, and through careful curation transitions them all. Through diversity we can also accomplish empathy for the other. The List purposefully excludes topics of jilted lovers, cheaters, or lover's revenge because those songs, the ones in which the female singer is still the object, are already well known. Consider this a list of songs that would hope to pass a version of the Bechtel Test. Start anywhere within the List, but know the songs have been curated thematically to be played in the order listed.

The "Mad as Hell, Frustrated as Fuck" Playlist as a Youtube Playlist

The Mad as Hell, Frustrated as Fuck Playlist on Spotify

Many thanks to the incredibly brilliant friends who supported this project with their time and advice. The interwebs has lots of great resources including: Dazed: Why we need female anger in music, The Atlantic: Finding happiness in angry music , Girls Voices Rising, NPR: A New Canon, NPR: Women confront rock's boys club , Girls gone giants: Music videos and female rage, Pitchfork: The Story of Feminist Punk in 33 songs, 30 Days, 30 Songs, NPR: Songs that Say #MeToo, 10 Feminist friendly bands to know, 13 Fierce female-fronted bands to know, Helen Mirren on Fuck off, NPR: Turning the Tables