A Cause for Creativity event on May 22, 2011 at Santa Monica Museum of Art in conjunction with BROODWORK: It's About Time. BROODWORK has orchestrated a set of activities to encourage participants into understanding family as a mechanism for marking time by navigating the spaces of the individual, the family, and the larger extended family that is the City. Marking Time initiates a chain of future events that intend to build relations among former strangers. At the end, participants are given the Four Rules for Route-Making of Dan Koeppel's Big Parade and encouraged to create communal itineraries of the great, extended family that is their city.

BROODWORK: Marking Time brochure (PDF), designed by Handbuilt.


2:00-2:15: Intro and welcome

2:15-3:00: MAKING TIME
Adults with Ann Faison, artist/author
Children with Ilaan Egeland Mazzini, Family Dance Jam

3:00-3:15: Snack break

3:15-3:45: MAPPING TIME
Adults with Alla Kazovsky, architect/creativity coach
Children with Abira Ali, Wisdom Arts Laboratory

3:45-4:30: MARKING TIME
Family Itineraries using author Dan Koeppel’s Big Parade’s Four Rules for Route-Making

Ann Faison leads the adults in breathing exercises that move from the defined space of the individual to the open-ended experience of drawing. The easiest, most direct way to shift our experience (of time, of ourselves, of our city) is to change our perspective. One way is to shift our breathing. Through breathing meditation, or pranayama yoga, we concentrate our minds on the breath and clear the mind. We then get the gift of deep connection to the self. When that happens, time stops. We realize the connectedness of all things. We have made time.

Educator Ilaan Egeland Mazzini leads movement games and dance explorations. Using an array of found and repurposed materials to play we will freeze time, expand space, shift direction and change shape. We will listen to our impulses as we follow our bodies through simple warm-ups activities readying ourselves to build community dances together. To finish we will devise prop filled environments for open-ended fun.

Architect Alla Kazovsky conducts a creativity workshop, which utilizes strategies of mind mapping with collage to build current and ideal scenarios. “The love of anything is the fruit of our knowledge of it, and it grows as our knowledge deepens.” Leonardo da Vinci. This workshop is based on the premise that your brain is equipped to match the image with performance. Through collage you will learn a technique of visualizing your aspirations and their impact. You will investigate, uncover, and note the origin of interdependent relationships (integrated systems) that make up individual and collective reality in order to create a mind map for achieving what you want. Abira Ali leads children in the evolution of a tiny town. Tables are arranged with artists stationed at designated areas to help with exacto cutting and glue gunning and collaging. We will post basic instructions and we are hoping to encourage whimsical untraditional interpretations of building surface, and unusual figures to inhabitant the spaces that we create. Each person or team can complete one structure and one figure and then to position them into the collective town.

Based on the tenets of Dan Koeppel's Big Parade, participants create communal itineraries of the great, extended family that is their city. Young children map community by creating a paper mosaic of their neighborhood using Piet Mondrian’s Broadway Boogie Woogie as a model.

Participants will be asked to leave their maps with SMMoA for The Wall for a specific amount of time. BROODWORK will photograph each map.

To facilitate the neighborhood exploration, each participant will leave Marking Time with token items to hand out to anyone in their community as they navigate their intended personalized itinerary.